Fathers and Sons

by sitstillandpayattention

I’ve recently joined a group whose mandate is to marshal greater awareness of men’s issues, in part, as one gentleman implied at the meeting last night, “to leave a meaningful and more robust legacy for our sons and children.” I urge anyone who feels that the principle of social justice and equity in a secular society is incontrovertible, to avail yourselves of this site.



The Canadian Association for Equality mandate for its Men’s Issues Awareness (MIA) Campaign:

We recognize the need to build a movement centered on Men’s Issues which, through a broad coalition of groups, will engage in consciousness-raising, public education and efforts to change public policy.

We feel the public must be made aware of the existence and specifics of Men’s Issues and the fact that these issues are not isolated, but rather interconnected and part of a large societal pattern of discrimination, ignorance and harmful public policy that in many ways disadvantages boys and men.  We will engage in critiques of contemporary society as necessary, but our focus shall be on positive activism to advance a healthier society.

Some areas of concern are as follows:

Men’s Health
Family Law/Fathers Rights
Boys Issues (Education, Abuse, etc)
Men and Violence (stranger and domestic)
Crime and Punishment/Legal Biases
The Workplace
The Media
Legal Biases
Academic Misandry
Male Genital Mutilation